The Tanzania Tourism Sector Survey, 2013

The main objective of the survey is to provide reliable information about visitors to Tanzania including their number, length of stay, expenditure, travel arrangement and their demographic characteristics. The results of the survey also provide useful information for estimation of tourism expenditure, promotion of Tanzania as a holiday destination and formulation of relevant macroeconomic policies. The survey targets visitors exiting the country via the air and border points. The industry continued to grow in 2013 as exhibited by the increase in the number of international tourist arrivals to 1,095,885 from 1,077,058 recorded in 2012. As a result, tourism earnings increased by 8.2 percent to USD 1,853.28 million compared to USD 1,712.7 million recorded in 2012. The survey’s findings indicate that young and active age group of “25-44” took the lead by accounting for about 42.0 percent of all visitors, followed by the age group of “45-64”, which accounted for 30.0 percent. The senior visitors (65 years and above) accounted for about 11.0 percent of all visitors. The survey’s results indicate that the 71,4 percent of visitors came to Tanzania for leisure and holidays, followed by 10.6 percent came to visit friends and relatives, 8.7percent came for business, 4.9 percent came for meetings and conferences. On the other hand, visitors who came as volunteers was 2.1 percent and 0.8 percent for scientific and academic purposes.

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